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CryoSearch was created by BioCision in order to help standardize the field of cryopreservation through the sharing of protocols and encouraging discussion about protocols and methods. At BioCision, our mission is to standardize sample handling. While our products help do that, products are only one part of reducing variability. The other part is how those products get used; in other words, protocols. Since we have somewhat of a specialty in cryopreservation, and there aren't any other resources like CryoSearch, we thought this would be a great place to start.

Like the site? We'd love for you to check out our cryopreservation products as well. We have leak-proof and barcoded cryovials, a line of containers for slow, controlled-rate cell freezing, and tube racks that ensure precise temperature control and can also be used for snap-freezing as they are liquid-nitrogen compatible. We have a bunch of other products as well, all designed to help make your science more reliable.

Even if you're not in the market for any products, please consider helping the cryopreservation community by contributing protocols, discussing the protocols that are currently posted, or helping out others who post questions on the CryoSearch forum.

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